What to Expect

Copyright Suzon Murray/Fuzzywunkle. 

To get the angles I want, I often crawl over the rocks or go down into the stream bed.  Rocks are slippery when wet and you might fall (I certainly have).  It is up to you to know your limits and exercise appropriate caution.   Go slow and choose your footing wisely.  If you don't feel comfortable going somewhere, there's no shame in hanging back and looking for somewhere you feel safe to shoot.  You are responsible for your own safety.  Included in your sign up agreement is a hold-harmless release.

We have one spot available for lodging on the property in a 32-foot RV.  This will be booked on a first come/first served basis for an additional fee.  Accommodations can also be found in Florence, on coastal Route 101, 30 minutes away.  You are welcome to camp on the property for free, but be warned, nights in May are still chilly and can be wet.  If you're camping, you'll have access to a full bathroom with a shower.

If you're planning on staying longer than just the three days, the Oregon coast in this area offers many spectacular photographic opportunities, including Thor's Well, Spouting Horn, Devil's Churn, Heceta Lighthouse, and the Oregon Dunes.  You can find two covered bridges in Deadwood and several more not far away.

Our hikes to the falls will vary in length and intensity.  One destination is a half hour trek on an easy trail, another is a mile long slightly uphill walk with several shooting locations to break up the hike,  another involves a long staircase, and our final hike is a challenging two-mile trip on a wilderness trail.

What to Bring

THERE IS NO CELL PHONE SERVICE.  Anywhere.  You'll get the WiFi password for our property in Deadwood and if you have calling-by-wifi you'll be able to call out.  There is also a cell signal in Mapleton at the store, which we'll pass on the way to our excursions.  Other than that, you will be completely cut off from communicating with the outside world.  NOTE: I will be carrying a satellite emergency communication device with GPS on our hikes so we will have a way to contact rescue services in a critical situation.

Average temperatures for the beginning of May in this area are generally in the mid-sixties during the day and in the forties overnight.  The Coastal Range is a rain forest and May is at the end of the rainy season.  We are hoping for a dry weekend, but be prepared with warm clothes and rain gear.

Photo Hikes: The Waterfalls of Lane County​ 2019

  • Camera Body and a spare
  • Preferred lenses
  • Camera batteries and charger
  • Extra data storage cards
  • Sturdy tripod
  • Cable or remote shutter release
  • Camera rain gear
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Headlamp
  • Comfortable waterproof hiking shoes
  • Comfortable rubber boots
  • Rain coat and rain pants
  • Warm clothes
  • ​Gloves
  • Walking stick
  • ​Backpack

Photography by Suzon Murray