Photography by Suzon Murray


I understand if you don't like or don't have the time or inclination to learn Photoshop.  It's not for everyone.  The good news is, I speak Photoshop, in fact, I'm a Photoshop geek.  Need something removed, or something added?  Can do.  Need a background completely replaced, not a problem.  I am available for jobs big and small, from retouching, to compositing, or restoration.

For quick edits, I charge by the photo with a $5.00 minimum charge. I will also quote for batch editing entire shoots (for example, a wedding) and will consult with you beforehand to give you the exact look your clients expect from you.  For more complex jobs, including compositing, I am happy to give you a quote.  Just click on the contact link and let me know what you need.

Please check out my before and after portfolio then contact me for my price list.

Wouldn't it be great to remove that leash, or tone down those crows feet?  I can help!