Photography by Suzon Murray


Sorry, I don't fit the corporate profile.  I'm Suzon Murray and chances are good you'll find me in a ball cap and hoodie, possible crawling around in the mud after the essence-defining photograph of one of my critters. I am happiest living in beautiful, natural places that I can capture through my lens. My biggest fault is there are just too many things going in too many different directions in my head.  

Above and beyond anything else, I'm an animal lover and animals, especially equines, are some of my favorite photographic subjects.  I worked in the horse industry as a stable and breeding manager as well as a riding instructor and trainer for many years.

I'm passionate about horses (and long-ears, just for good measure).  I'm not driven to be a world-renown rider, but I'm entranced by their aesthetic, their depth of intelligence and emotions, their power and gentleness.  So photographing horses, and teaching people to photograph horses is hugely satisfying for me. 

Oh, just for good measure, and a commitment to full disclosure, I'm also enthralled with pigs and goats.  If you've never curled up for a nap with pig cutting off all blood flow to your arm, you're missing something in life.

I believe in photography as art. These days photography saturates our world. Everyone has a camera and shares their life through photographs. We swim through a sea of images every day. I want to create images that jump out of that crowd, stop people in their tracks, images that invite people to linger, images that speak.