The  Photography of Suzon Murray

Copyright © Fuzzywunkle 2017


I believe in photography as art. These days photography saturates our world. Everyone has a camera and shares their life through photographs. We swim through a sea of images every day. I want to create images that jump out of that crowd, stop people in their tracks, images that invite people to linger, images that speak.

Above and beyond anything else, I'm an animal lover and animals, especially equines, are some of my favorite photographic subjects.  I worked in the horse industry as a riding instructor and trainer as well as a stable and breeding manager for many years, so I know my way around a horse and photograph them with the eye of an insider. 

I'm originally from Maine, land of black flies, frost bite, and a beauty that holds a burning place in my heart. After an extended stay in California, my husband and I recently relocated to Middle-earth, more commonly known as Deadwood, Oregon.  There are worse things that could happen.  I am happiest living in beautiful natural places that I can capture through my lens.