Photography by Suzon Murray

Copyright Suzon Murray/Fuzzywunkle. 

Looking to get away for a few days of super focused learning?  Come visit.  Up your game.  We can focus on horses, animals, landscapes, waterscapes, and/or editing in Photoshop. A day or more (your choice) that's all about you. 

Suzon Murray and Fuzzywunkle

Photo Workshops

One-on-One Instruction

After taking a year off to move and build a house, I'm ready to jump back into the teaching game. We designed our house to double as a conference and teaching space so I can use it as home base for at least some of my workshops.

I'm doing an inaugural run in May of 2019 with a photo hike focusing on the Waterfalls of Lane County, Oregon., which are to die for.  You can find more information by clicking on this link:

​I'm inspired by beautiful images and constantly striving to produce the most amazing pictures I can. Not only do I love to capture the perfect shot, but I love to teach others.  If you're looking to improve your photography, I'm here for you.

My favorite subjects are the wonder of equines and the splendor of the natural world. But I also can resist photographing any animal, be that a cat, dog, goat or pig. I come to a screeching halt in the road when I spot an old barn I can't resist shooting. And I will trek for miles for a waterfall.